One of the founding principles at Trust My Pet Sitter is to curate a community of Pet Lovers who put trust and care at the very heart of what we do.  First and foremost we are a group of people who love our pets and want to do the very best we can for them.

If you have an approach from someone on Trust My Pet Sitter that makes you uncomfortable we ask that you let us know. Here are the some of the signs you should flag as inappropriate conversations:

  • Someone suggests you pay in-person rather than through Trust My Pet Sitter.  As part of our commitment to you we have teamed up with partners who stand beside us in making sure your pets and your home are safe and secure.  Our partners at Superhog provide a £1m insurance backed guarantee for your home and possessions, whilst Pawsquad ensure your Sitter has access 24/7 to the latest Vet Advice from qualified Veterinary Surgeons.  If you choose to pay in-person outside of the platform you would forgo all safety and security assurances.
  • Someone asks you to provide personal information to them. If you feel that someone is asking you to provide information to them which you feel is not appropriate before a pet sit is arranged.
  • Always let us know if someone uses threatening or inappropriate language. 

How to tell us about Inappropriate Conversations

If a conversation makes you uncomfortable, let us know by reporting it. To report a message, open the conversation and select Report this conversation under the Send button.

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