To create a listing first select the icon from the Navigation Bar "Create Listing" and you will be presented with 3 options.  Choose which one best describes who you are.  Pet Owner, Pet Sitter or Pet Service.

1. Select Pet Sitter

2.  About you and your pet experience

The next page is where you complete details about you and your experience.  The heading section will become your main title on the search pages.   We've given the example "Marty and Sue".  The next sections is "Tell us a little more about your pet experience and motivations for pet sitting".  This is where Pet Owners can learn a little more about you, your experience and why you love being a pet sitter.

3.  Your Pet Experience

Your Pet experience is where you list the pets you have experience in looking after.  In the dog section you will be asked to further specify dog sizes from small through to giant. 

4.  Useful Information

Useful information is where Pet Owners can learn a little more about you.  Are you comfortable administering meds, do you have children under 18 years old, are you willing to travel from your home state and are you a car owner? Tick all that apply.

5.  Location

Enter your current location by town or city. 

6.  Your Availability

Your availability is set to "always available" by default.  If you have dates you do not wish to be considered for then select them from the diary.

7.  Your Rates

Add your nightly rate for service.

8.  Your Photos

Add your photographs to display to Pet Owners.  We recommend at least 4 - 5 photos.  
If you have an active membership you can upload photos straight away.  If you see the option "Buy Membership" you must have active Membership to proceed and post the listings.

Choose "Buy Membership" and choose the option that is right for you.  

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